Piano Practice Tips

Piano Practice Tips
Sitting down in front of a piano is already a big step. However, the real game begins when you start pressing the keys in order to create a lovely music. Here are the following piano practice tips that you should always keep in mind:

1.    Set a realistic goal and try to achieve it.
First, you must set a goal before anything else. Instead of saying that “I’m just going to play a little” why not “I’m going to learn the opening song of Phantom of the Opera this week.”? In that way, you can track your progress in every session that you are going to have.

2.    Don’t forget to warm up
Just like exercising or playing a game, it’s important to warm up first before you play the piano. Instead of risking yourself of carpal tunnel and tendinitis, spend the first ten minutes preparing yourself to play the piano. It also gives you the momentum that you need in order to play properly once you start pressing the keys.

3.    Don’t neglect the technical skills
The first 15 minutes of your practice should be focused on the technical skills such as scales, phrasing, timing, and accuracy. Technical skills are gained through repetition. Before you get yourself lost in the music, it’s important that you also understand the technicalities of playing the piano. It can improve your playing skills in the long run and help you to avoid common mistakes in the process.
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