Piano Song

Piano Song
You may be discouraged because it had gotten weeks but you have never seen an actual progress of your piano playing. However, you can make things right and be better at practicing. Here are the following tips that will allow you to master any piano song you’d like to play.

1.    Choose the right song
Before anything else, choose the song that you’d like to practice. For instance, if the song is too easy you will never find a challenge. But if it’s too hard you’ll end up getting frustrated. Choose a song that will match your skills. It doesn’t make sense to try playing a difficult piece when you only started playing the piano three days ago.

2.    Divide the sections
To learn better, we recommend that you divide the piece into numerous section and focus on each one before moving forward to the next. You don’t need to memorize the entire song in just one session. Short sections will allow you to absorb and learn the notes by heart.

3.    Don’t take it fast
Start with your right hand. Once you know what it can do in playing the piano, proceed to your left hand. After that, you can coordinate the two hands and start playing the piano accordingly. Learning how to play the piano is not a race. Hence, make sure that you take it in a slow pace so that you don’t overwhelm your brain. Coordination is one of the most important skills a pianist must possess.
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